Thermal Runaway For Battery Protection

Thermal Runaway Protection

LHS™ thermal material, the primary component of any XTS design, is made
to control heat generated from internal or external events that can lead to
thermal propagation. The ability to stop these events can be tailored for your
specific application.


Designed and trusted for critical applications


The electric vehicle industry is rapidly growing around the world as the demand for transportation in heavily populated regions increases. E-vehicles provide the perfect solution as they are cleaner and more economic, but there is also a need to assure consumer safety.  Safety begins at the battery pack design to prevent thermal runaway.


Robotics requires the efficient use of battery cycling to assure optimal performance. As devices become more complex, the heat generated within the robot can result in decreased performance and increased risk of cell damage. Limiting thermal runaway prevents damage to the robot and the surrounding areas.  

Aerospace & Defense

For personal safety, wearable battery packs, handheld radios, and drones used by the War Fighter
are increasing their standards for thermal protection and optimal performance to assure continuity
in the field. 


Safety & Quality Guaranteed

XTS meets UL94 plastics flammability standards.

XTS SC1-FR composite material fulfills requirements of the UL94 V-0 plastics
flammability standards.

Putting Batteries to the Test

When designing a battery pack’s thermal management and thermal runaway prevention solutions, it is critical to use best practices for testing. Global industry organizations including UL, SAE International, and IEEE have published standards for testing battery safety and performance. At LHS, we focus on safety/abuse testing, specifically thermal abuse or thermal runaway, as well as the operational thermal performance of LiB packs across many different applications.



What you need to know to Prevent Thermal Runaway. Too much heat can cause a battery to explode or damage your device. When heat inside a battery builds up, it can have a runaway effect. Grab our eBook to learn more!

Our XTS pack repeatedly shows a lower cell temperature of ~18°C.

Nail penetration Test

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