Fill & Flow
FOR Thermal Regulation

Thermal Regulation

Our thermal regulation solution material provides passive energy absorption, thermal homogeneity, and performance improvement for your product requirements.

Fill & Flow is designed to easily fill enclosed and small cavity systems by completely flowing around, encompassing, and contacting all fully enclosed cell and pack surfaces.

fill and flow product

Comparing a battery with F&f technology to one without. This graph shows consistent thermal reduction through the life of
the battery.

Thermal Management Graph

Temperature reduction over the life of the battery can be shown by discharge capacity during cycling.

Fill & Flow Specifications


Take a closer look at our core technology designed for your IP65 rated or higher battery pack.

As battery packs advance, your temperature needs may change. Contact us for additional temperatures.

TEMPERATURE reduction within a fast-charging battery pack


Temperature homogeneity is important in reducing cell temperature, no matter the charge rates.

Designed and trusted for critical applications

E-Mobility & automotive

In the fast-growing electric vehicle industry, the demand for extended battery life, improved
discharge and charge performance, and thermal runaway prevention are key differentiators for
battery pack manufacturers.

Critical Power

Thermal regulation within the infrastructure of the communications and grid power systems assures efficient processing and extends the life of mission critical platforms. 

Aerospace & Defense

Wearable battery packs and handheld radios for the War Fighter as well as drones, and satellites require thermal regulation and performance to extend operational time.

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