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LHS is at the forefront of
thermal management solutions for lithium-ion batteries


Thermal Management Experts

Whether your project requires thermal runaway prevention or battery performance optimization, we tailor solutions specifically for your battery pack configuration.  Each project considers stringent testing requirements, regulations, timelines, and budget demands. We are here to help.

Founded in 1990, Outlast’s products were originally developed for Nasa to be used in an array of textiles applications for astronauts. With the success of that business and our continual desire to grow and enhance our technology, our advanced division, Latent Heat Solutions (LHS), was formed and purchased by CAVU Group in 2020.

A Sustainable footprint


At LHS our products are built to enable today’s electrified world to use the rechargeable power of lithium-ion batteries to replace the need for fossil fuels. Fill & Flow and XTS® enhance the performance, stability, and longevity of battery packs to assure a safe and sustained operation.

SEE CAVU is bigger than just one country, company, or person.
It will take all of us to make sure future generations have the same opportunities and a healthy planet. This commitment is driving us to a future of being a leader in sustainable manufacturing, and we are only getting started. Read on to understand what SEE CAVU means to us.

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