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Testing, Simulation & validation


All LHS products are developed through realistic testing scenarios. Our experienced engineering team can work with you from start to finish or anywhere in between on design, testing, and validation of your battery pack.


LHS Testing Services 

SERVICES & Testing

Our Engineering teams will work with you to develop extensive testing plans to measure and assess your battery safety and performance systems. Our state-of-the-art labs are equipped with the technology and equipment to conduct valuable testing
and validation.

Validation & Prototyping

From performance and safety to design validation, prototyping streamlines the development of the right solution.

Thermal abuse testing

Our nail penetration or hot-wire testing demonstrates thermal runaway mitigation. Our cycle testing predicts the long-term outcomes of thermal management during battery pack use.

Discover Thermal Simulation

Specification of materials for thermal management

    • Broad experience with polymers, additives/fillers, STOA thermal products, etc.

Specification of materials for thermal runaway mitigation and safety

    • Experience with various fire barrier/insulation-based products.

Thermal system and pack design

    • Mechanical and thermal design software (Solidworks, Mastercam, AutoCAD, Spaceclaim, & Thermal Desktop).

System testing

    • (CAD, CNC (2xBrothers®), 3D-Printing (FormLabs 2), thermoformer, pack welding, stamping, sealing, filling)
    • Manufacturing of thermal components of battery pack
    • Extensive thermal testing and monitoring hardware.

Battery Module, pack and cell testing (cycle life, capacity)

    • Chroma 17020 – 40 kW, 16 channels
    • Arbin BT-5HC – 250 W, 8 channels
    • In-house blast chamber for thermal runaway testing.

Why is Thermal Testing & Simulation Important?

Reduce Time & Cost

Understanding the physics of thermal behavior of your battery pack in various environments allows you to reduce time to market, research and development costs and make fact-based decisions backed by physical insights.

OptimIze Design

Decrease the time for prototyping and testing in test lab scenarios. Using thermal simulation can reduce the extra cost associated with increased lab time and test iterations.

Stop the guesswork

With proper heat transfer and 3D flow analysis, complex and difficult decisions, including a large number of payloads and shipping environments can now be simulated.

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What you NEED to know to Prevent Thermal Runaway
Too much heat can cause a battery to explode or damage your device.
When heat inside a battery builds up, it can have a runaway effect.

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